Camping Stoves

Outdoor living with Coleman, Campingaz and Vango stoves. A wide range of stoves to suit every
requirement, supported by a globally range of gas cylinders and cartridges. Whatever
you choose, you can be sure that they're reliable, safe and practical.

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  • 1 Burner Stoves

    Backpacking stoves are designed to be especially light and reliable, and the scorched earth and fire rings left by country camp fires do not fit the Leave No Trace ethic. In many areas, fires are strictly prohibited due to forest-fire danger or the scarcity of available firewood, so a stove is your only option.

  • 2 Burner Stoves

    Single or multi-burner? 

    A single-burner stove is lighter and more compact but enables you to only cook
    one thing at a time. Two burner stoves give you more options for your cooking
    but can be heavier.
  • Dual Fuel Stoves

    A range of rugged and durable high powered stoves which operate off unleaded
    petrol or liquid fuel.  Multi-fuel and liquid fuel stoves are ideal for base camps
    and expeditions anywhere in the world.

  • Cast Iron Boiling Rings

    Boiling rings for camping or commercial outdoor catering. We have a cast iron
    boiling ring to suit.

  • Trangia and Fuel Products


    All of your Trangia needs in one department. We have stoves, gels, kettles and plenty more.

    Please be aware that some items we cannot post but we can deliver around the Tyne and Wear area.