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Here we have out 1 and 2 person tents, there are many different styles, shapes and sizes of small tents ranging from the light and compact hiking tents easy to put up instant frame touring tents that you can comfortably walk around in. Look to larger tents if you like room to walk around in

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    The Challenger backpacking tent uses our tried and tested side-entry sloping tunnel design to provide stable and comfortable sleeping space with enhanced headroom for two people while minimising pack size and weight.

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    The two-person Osprey 2EX is a spacious, fast-pitching and comfortable tunnel tent that uses DAC aluminium alloy poles and our HydroTex® AWT siliconised polyester to provide a high tear strength with excellent UV-resistance and all-weather tension for enhanced stability. 

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  • £199.95 In Stock

    The Voyager 2EX offers all the stability, durability and ease of use any lightweight campers could desire with the big bonus of extended living space in the huge porch. 

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  • £75.95 In Stock

    The Outwell Earth 2 is ideal for two campers, the fast pitching Earth 2 lightweight tent is a superb choice for active people on the move who seek comfort, reliability and performance. The tent features an ample bedroom and spacious porch area behind the D-shaped front entrance plus twin tinted windows.

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  • £49.95 In Stock

    The Kobuk Valley 2 is a compact dome tent with the added benefit of Coleman’s revolutionary and patent-pending BlackOut Bedroom technology.   FREE Bistro 2 stove with every Kobuk Valley tent. RRP:£24.99

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  • £59.95 In Stock

    The Cortes 2 is a compact and reliable 2-person tent, perfect for active campers and weekends away. With an easy to pitch, tunnel construction, the Cortes 2 provides ample space for two campers with the benefit of a spacious porch for storing gear or muddy boots.

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  • £45.95 In Stock

    Designed to increase the space of the side-entry style trekking tent. The Banshee Gear Store allows multi-night expeditions to be a little more comfortable, adding storage space or simply extending the living space.

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  • £179.95 In Stock

    The Vango Galaxy 200 tent was created based on feedback from youth group leaders. Constructed with a large front porch ideal for map reading, storage and keeping dry, whilst the bedroom is lower therefore keeping the user warmer through the night.

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  • £62.95 In Stock

    Be the envy of friends and family with the ultra convenient Coleman Fast Pitch Pop Up Galiano tent. The reassurance of Coleman construction in an economic design, its ideal for festivals and weekend getaways

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  • £29.95 In Stock

    The Vango Trek Tarp offers a lightweight solution to extending the storage and living space of your Vango trekking tents. Quick and easy to erect, the tarp fits both front and side entry trekking tents and is specified with the same lightweight but robust material.

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  • £74.95 In Stock

    The Vango Gear Store is a great addition for your tunnel style trekking tent. Ideal for adding storage space or simply extending your living space, Gear Store offers a lightweight solution that can be added to any of Vangos front entry trekking tents.

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    The Coleman Tasman 2 Tent is an aerodynamic, peaked-tunnel structure tent with a spacious bedroom and optimised head-height. You will find that the front porch offers a large living and storage area and features pvc windows.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items