Kayaks, Canoes, SUP and Accessories

Whether you want to feel the spray on your face as you cut through white water, or
simply to enjoy family fun paddling gently around a lake or sea shore, you'll find
the perfect solution in our range of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

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  • Kayaks and Canoes

    Durable Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing & Fun
    Inflatable kayaks are perfect for hunting the day’s catch, slicing through whitewaters
    looking for a rush, or simply hunting for hidden waterways or secret coves.
    All of our inflatable kayaks are extremely durable and lightweight, making it easier to
    carry and store without sacrificing stability and safety.

  • PFDs And Accessories

    Portable Floatation Devices and accessories for the water. Be Safe!

  • Paddle Boards

    From adrenaline-filled runs on surf and white water to relaxing cruises over
    sunny lakes, more and more people are discovering a new way to enjoy a
    day on the water. Lighter and more compact than regular hard boards,
    inflatable boards are easier to store and transport.

    Their unique construction also makes them extremely rigid to deliver the
    same high performance.