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Vango Fuel Gel Pouch 200ml


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Vango Fuel bio-ethanol gel is a smokeless, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cooking fuel.

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The gel formulation doesn’t spill, making it far safer than the alternative fuels on the market today. Developed specifically to address the problem of indoor air pollution in Africa, it’s easy to ignite and allows for instant high heat cooking. The nozzle on the pouch can also connect to a 1 litre refill pack, and allows for easy replenishing of the gel.

  • Material: Bio-ethanol gel fuel

  • Smokeless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

  • Gel cannot spill, so very safe to use

  • Works with Trangia Gel Burner

How to use Vango Gel Fuel

1. Remove lid of burner and use the small 200ml pouch to fill burner to no more than 2/3 full.

2. Replace pouch lid and store at least two metres away from stove.

3. Place burner in lower Trangia windshield.

4. Ignite and place upper windshield. (Vango Gel Fuel has the same cooking time as meths. Remember to use a lid when boiling water to increase cooking speed by around 20%.)

5. To extinguish, place lid upside down over burner using Trangia Handle. Replace lid when stove is cool.

6. To clean, allow the burner to fully cool. The gel can be reused (leave it in the burner) or scrape it into a bin (it is non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable). Clean with warm water.

Please note this item is for collection only, we are unable to post it

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